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Traffic planning - The heart of the company
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We have exclusivly EURO 6 trucks
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For the short distance transports
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Logistics that work require planning and follow-up. Maybe we should add accuracy. And we are good at all three.

We are good at:

  • Tricky times
  • Narrow unloading windows
  • Rapid changes
  • Updating the customer
  • Follow-up

Our careful planning and follow-up simplifies your working day

  • We deliver on time regardless of the time of day.

  • If something should still happen, we will contact you and tell you what is happening and why.

  • All feedback comes in without you having to ask for it. It is signed, complete and specific.

  • Our experienced drivers are an asset for you.

To meet the high demands in the transport industry, two things are required: planning and follow-up. Maybe we should add accuracy too. And we are good at all three. They are the foundation of our company culture which we encourage all our employees to work according to, whether it's in the office or among the drivers. This is how we think when it comes to:

Proactive planning.

We are good at complicated logistic planning. For example first unloading in the morning or narrow unloading windows.

If there is a problem with a transport, we will contact you and notify you immediately, tell you what is happening and why.

We work closely with our drivers. They know what we expect from them. They know what to say, to have their papers in order and report everything to our traffic planning.

Meticulous follow-up creates security

We have a well thought out system for feedback where transport costs are also reported.

The traffic managers are involved in what is reported and ensure that they get the information that is important to you as a customer. For example, if there was a damage to the trailer when we picked it up at the port, how long it took to load and unload.

What can we do for you?

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